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Alternatively, do you think something is missing or could be improved in the Fedora community? Open a new ticket with your idea or suggestion. Our best ideas come from a wide range of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Whether you are new to the Fedora community or are a long-time contributor, you might have the next great idea for the team. Open a new ticket and we can discuss more about your idea or suggestion.
Officially Joining the Team
If after some time contributing to and hanging out with the Fedora DEI Team you would like to join the team in an official capacity, you can do so. The process is as follows:
Talk to a member(s) of the DEI team to find a sponsor
Sponsor will open a "New Team Member" ticket on the DEI team pagure
Ticket will be open for two weeks for others members to vote and/or give commentary about your team membership.
If we do not reach consensus in the two week period, it can be extended for another two weeks.
A negative vote halts the process and requires discussion.
Full consensus is required for you to join the team. This means 3 +1's and no 0's or -1's.
If consensus is met, you will then be added to the Fedora Account System group.
Sponsors will evaluate your membership in a couple of ways:
Ability to work cooperatively with peers
By the interactions potential members have in meetings and in channel.
By how potential members respond to criticism.
By how potential members participate on Discussion and Pagure.
Community involvement beyond the DEI Team
By the interactions potential members have in the Fedora community.
Does the potential member help to answer questions raised on Discussion and Pagure; do they show a helpful attitude and respect for other people’s ideas?
Commitment and follow through
By time already given to the DEI Team.