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# Fedora Contributor Annual Survey
## Intro
Hello and thank you for taking the Fedora Annual Contributor Survey! We hope to use the data from this survey to understand the usage, engagement, and development patterns to further enrich our community. We will be sharing our findings at Nest <Year>.
This survey is targeted to Fedora Contributors and Community Members. Fedora contributors and community members are those that participate in the project in any way, be it coding, bug testing, docs, graphic design, translations, outreach, etc.
This survey is being ran by the Fedora Council to better understand our Fedora Contributors and Community Members, and to better steward the Fedora Project based on data.
Who gets to see the raw data
Fedora Council members and survey moderator (vsiddhar@redhat.com)
Who gets to see the summary data
How to contact someone about issues with the survey
Send an email to vsiddhar@redhat.com
Survey open and close dates
June 1st - 30th
Don't forget to claim your Survey Taker badge after you click "Submit"!
### Notes
Alphabetize answers, leaving "Other" and "I don't know" at the end.
[M] for multi-choice and [S] for single choice questions
For questions with "Other" answer, we would like to have a text field where one can write their own answer.
## Questions
### About you