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What content is appropriate for Platforms?
What are Community Publishing Platforms (or, Platforms)?
This policy page describes how Community Publishing Platforms are defined, reviewed, and moderated. It provides a loose framework of how moderation is handled in cases that https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines#Community_sites_and_accounts[involve the Fedora Trademark].
The Fedora Council reserves the authority to modify or expand the definition of Creative Works, based on unique context of the Fedora Project and the Fedora Community..
Specific social media accounts
Public social media posts
Pictures or photographs
Other written communications depending on context
Justin W. Flory, Fedora Council, Fedora Community, and others <council-discuss@lists.fedoraproject.org> v1.1.1, 2020-10-02
image:https://img.shields.io/badge/License-CC%20BY%204.0-lightgrey.svg[License: CC BY 4.0]
If you participate in an informally moderated Platform (e.g. Reddit, Telegram, Discord, etc.), work with Platform moderators first to report a Creative Work. For the provided examples, this could be a Sub-Reddit moderator, a Telegram group admin, or a Discord server admin.
If you are unsuccessful in working with Platform moderators OR a Platform moderator encourages you to do so, follow the reporting guidelines in the xref:project:ROOT:code-of-conduct.adoc[Fedora Code of Conduct]. Specific outcomes will fall under the scope of the Fedora Code of Conduct.