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Auxiliary Seats
As with the objective leads, the next two appointed positions are auxiliary seats. They are intended to have significant positive impact on the project as a whole, but in order to minimize the overall influence of appointed positions vs. those selected by the community, their votes in the consensus process are expected to be related to the scope of the respective role.
*Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative*
The Fedora https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity[Diversity & Inclusion Team] works on initiatives to assess and promote equality and inclusion within the Fedora contributor and user communities, and helps develop project strategy on diversity issues. The Diversity & Inclusion Team Representative connects the team's efforts to the Council.
This position is appointed by members of the Fedora Diversity & Inclusion Team, with the approval of the Council.
*Fedora Program Manager*
The https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Program_Management#Fedora_Program_Manager[FPgM] coordinates the planning and scheduling of Fedora releases, and tracks changes and features during the development and testing cycle. He or she also assists with the creation, maintenance, and execution of formal, repeatable Fedora processes. Additionally, the FPgM serves as record keeper and secretary for Fedora Council Meetings.
This position is funded by and hired for by Red Hat, with the approval of the Council.
The Fedora Council is not driven by meetings or by tickets, but does hold https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Council_Meetings[regular public IRC meetings] to discuss current issues, to clear through anything outstanding which can be quickly resolved, and to ensure that nothing important is left in limbo. All members are be expected to regularly communicate what's going on in their area, through blog posts or other public updates.
Additionally, the Fedora Project Leader will set aside regular times on IRC to meet with the community. Attendance is not mandatory for all members but is encouraged.
The general policy of the Fedora Council is to default to open. Meetings are held in public IRC channels, and open to all Fedora users and contributors. Discussion is held in on a https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/council-discuss[public mailing list] open to all subscribers, and formal decisions will be recorded in a public ticket tracking system.
Occasionally, when personal, private, or sensitive issues need to be discussed, a phone call might be used. A private mailing list and ticket tracking instance also exist for these situations, but will also only be used when dealing with these uncommon issues.
Time Commitment
Serving on the Fedora Council is a significant commitment of time and energy. Workload for the various roles will vary, but each will require a number of hours every week, and in most cases, the more, the better a Council member is able to do the job fully.
We recognize that most Fedora community members do not have the luxury of working on Fedora full-time or as part of a paid position. The time commitment required for these roles comes simply from what is required to lead a large project like Fedora, and is not intended to be an artificial limit on who can participate. We know that that it can be a _pragmatic_ limit, and for that reason, the Council is responsible for extra effort to receive, recognize, be responsive to, and meaningfully reward the input of contributors offering their individual time.
Governance Philosophy
To advance free software, we need to provide a sustainable integration of free software without cutting corners. By providing a positive first impression before and during installation and real use, we support Fedora's reputation as a leading and reliable product that attracts future users and contributors. To provide that integration and experience we must have a clear set of priorities to help all contributors decide how to allocate resources and resolve conflicts. These priorities are not meant to be exclusive, or to keep contributors from working on the parts of Fedora that matter to them.