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Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator
The _Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator_ (or _FCAIC_) is a full-time, Red Hat-employed job to lead initiatives to grow the Fedora user and developer communities, and to make Red Hat & Fedora interactions more transparent and positive. The Fedora Community budget comes to us through the Red Hat Open Source Program Office (OSPO). This position facilitates decision-making on how to best focus that to meet our community's goals and objectives. The FCAIC supports the xref:fpl.adoc[Project Leader] with all things "Community" and works directly with the Fedora Leadership to help bring more Heat and Light to the project.
The FCAIC is appointed to the Community Action and Impact seat on the Fedora xref:index.adoc[Council], Fedora’s top-level community leadership and governance body. The Council is responsible for stewardship of the Fedora Project as a whole, and supports the health and growth of the Fedora Community.
Current F-🎂footnote:[What's with the cake? The abbreviation FCAIC sounds like "F-Cake" in American English. If this position is going to have a title that is a mouthful, at least the mouthful can be yummy cake!]
Justin W. Flory (he/him)
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jflory7[Justin W. Flory] (pronouns: he/him) became the FCAIC in October 2022.
Justin is a creative maker. He is best known as an Open Source contributor and Free Culture advocate originally from the United States.
Justin has participated in numerous Open Source communities and led different initiatives to build sustainable software and communities for nearly ten years. This includes his participation in the Fedora Project since 2015. In Fedora, he co-founded and led the xref:commops::contribute/commops-landing.adoc[Community Operations] team for four years and was a founding member of the xref:diversity-inclusion::index.adoc[Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team]. You can read more about Justin's past and present Fedora activities link:https://jwf.io/#fedora[on his website].
Previous to Red Hat, from June 2020 to September 2022, Justin supported the link:https://www.unicef.org/innovation/[UNICEF Office of Innovation] as the first Open Source Technical Advisor. At UNICEF, he supported the link:https://www.unicefinnovationfund.org/[UNICEF Venture Fund] and other Open Source activities within the Office of Innovation. Together with a team of mentors, Justin mentored twenty-three start-up companies of diverse start-up companies from nineteen countries and five continents.
Roles and Responsibilities
Work with other Council members to identify the short, medium, and long term goals of the Fedora community and to organize and enable the project to best achieve them
Primary Council member with responsibility for the development of the annual Fedora community budget
Participate in decision-making about use of trademarks, project structure, community disputes or complaints, and other such issues
Special Initiatives
Design and spearhead special initiatives to grow user and contributor bases
Implement metrics for community engagement, participation, and satisfaction; create and execute projects to improve those metrics; report regularly on progress and adjust approach as needed