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Review Purpose
In order for a new container Layered Image to be added to Fedora, the container layered image must first undertake a formal review much like the[RPM Package Review process].
The purpose of this formal review is to try to ensure that the container layered image meets the quality control requirements for Fedora.
Reviews are currently done for totally new container layered images, container layered image renames, old container layered images that were once deprecated returning to the collection, and containers merged from the old Fedora image repository.
Container Layered Images are not required to share a 1:1 relationship with RPM Packages but can instead deliver multiple RPM Packages (such as dependencies) in order to distribute a fully functional container. However naming of the container should be based on the main service or software it aims to deliver.
There are two roles in the review process, that of the contributor and that of the reviewer. In this document, we'll present both perspectives.
A Contributor is defined as someone who wants to submit (and maintain) a new Container Layered Image in Fedora. To become a contributor, you must follow the detailed instructions to[Joining the Package Maintainers].
As a Contributor, you should only be creating containers out of pre-existing software in the Fedora RPM repositories which adheres to the[Guidelines].
Put your Dockerfile, accompanying configuration files, and control scripts somewhere on the Internet where it can be directly downloaded (just HTTP(s), no registration pages or special download methods, please). If you have no access at all and would like space, please visit[The sponsors ticket system], log in, and file a ticket with component "Initial package hosting request". You will be given access to[Fedorapeople].
Fill out a[request for review in bugzilla]. Summary field needs to be in format of `Container Review Request:..`. If the `:` is omitted the fedpkg tool's request-repo will error out.
If you do not have any package or container layered image already in Fedora, this means you need a sponsor and to add FE-NEEDSPONSOR (Bugzilla id:177841) to the bugs being blocked by your review request. For more information read the[How to Get Sponsored into the Packager Group] page.
Wait for someone to review your Dockerfile! At this point in the process, the '''fedora-review flag''' is blank, meaning that no reviewer is assigned.
If nobody comments on your review request, you might want to mail to a mailing list ( asking for a "review swap". This is an offer to do a review of someone else's Dockerfile in exchange for them reviewing your Dockerfile. This is usually one-for-one, or can be some other private arrangement depending on the difficulty of the respective packages.
There may be comments from people that are not formally reviewing the package, they may add NotReady to the Whiteboard field, indication that the review request is not yet ready, because of some issues they report. After you have addressed them, please post the URLs to the updated Dockerfile and associated files and remove it from the Whiteboard. It is expected that you will respond to commentary, including updating your submission to address it; if you do not, your ticket will be closed.
A reviewer takes on the task of reviewing your package. They will set the '''fedora-review flag''' to '''?'''
The reviewer will review your Dockerfile. You should fix any blockers that the reviewer identifies. Once the reviewer is happy with the package, the '''fedora-review''' flag will be set to '''+''', indicating that the package has passed review.
At this point, you need to make an[SCM admin request] for your newly approved Layered Image. If you have not yet been sponsored, you will not be able to progress past this point. (You will need to make sure to request the container namespace in
Checkout the package using "fedpkg clone container/<container-name>" do a final check of Dockerfile, etc.