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Become a member of Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) by following these steps.
CommOps has an IRC team meeting each week. In our meeting, the team discusses items on our agenda and checks in on any progress of current tasks. Tickets selected for meetings are updated after the meeting with new information.
CommOps uses https://pagure.io/fedora-commops[this Pagure repository] to track our tasks and what we're working on. Tasks, problems, and goals are filed as tickets in the https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issues[issue tracker]. There are a lot of tickets, but we're not working on everything at once. Scrolling through the issue tracker gives a good idea of what CommOps helps with.
Create a FAS account
Create a {FWIKI}/Account_System[Fedora Account System account] and sign the {FWIKI}/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement[Fedora Project Contributor Agreement]. Do this through the https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/[Fedora Account System].
Does something look interesting? Leave a comment if you have a question or want to work on something. Also check and see if the ticket is assigned to someone. If it is unassigned, you can start working on it now. If there is an assignee, ask them if they need help or if they are still working on the ticket.
Do you have any experience in open source or online communities? If so, what?
Do you have any questions for us? How can we help _you_ get started?
Fedora uses the https://libera.chat/[Libera.chat IRC network] for instant messaging and communication. Short discussions and planning happen in our IRC channel #fedora-commops. Our monthly team meetings also take place on IRC.
For convenience, the IRC channel is bridged to a Telegram group, https://t.me/fedoracommops[@fedoracommops]. You may also participate via the Telegram group, but you are unable to use or interact with IRC bots (e.g. in meetings). Join the group at https://t.me/fedoracommops[t.me/fedoracommops].
If you're involved with other things in Fedora, what are/were you working on?
Join Community Operations
Join our IRC channel
Join our meetings
Log into Fedora Discourse
Log into the {DISCOURSE}[Fedora Discourse forum] using your FAS account credentials. News, updates, and discussion are shared through on the forum. It is a *key part* to how we communicate. It receives low to medium traffic.
Look for the https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issues?status=Open&tags=good+first+issue[good first issue] tag on tickets to find good tasks for beginners.
Make your first steps
Need more help logging in? Read the {COMMBLOG}/how-to-log-in/[help page] for more detailed instructions.
Never used IRC before? See the https://fedoramagazine.org/beginners-guide-irc/[Beginner's Guide to IRC] on the Fedora Magazine. Additionally, you can connect temporarily in a chat session in your browser via https://web.libera.chat/[Libera.chat web chat]. However, if you want to stay connected even when you are not online, consider https://opensource.com/article/17/5/introducing-riot-IRC[using Riot] as your IRC client.