dist-git pipeline - rebuild container images
When rebuild the image
There are cases where it is necessary to rebuild the container image used by the pipeline. For example if some package needs to be updated, like for example:
How to
Open https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/view/Fedora%20All%20Packages%20Pipeline/job/fedora-stage-container-image-build/[fedora-stage-container-image-build] (make sure you are logged in)
Click on build with parameters (the image name by default is already fedoraci-runner)
Once the build start it will create a new container build and tag it as candidate
Once the image is built a build on https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/view/Fedora%20All%20Packages%20Pipeline/job/fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline/[fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline] is created to validate the image
If the jenkins build succeeds the image will be tagged as stable and the pipeline will from now on use it
If the job fails the initial point to search for the cause is to look at the build on https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/view/Fedora%20All%20Packages%20Pipeline/job/fedora-stage-container-image-build/[fedora-stage-container-image-build] job.
If it failed before running https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/view/Fedora%20All%20Packages%20Pipeline/job/fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline/["fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline"] stage it is likely a problem creating the container image checking it on https://console.apps.ci.centos.org:8443/console/project/continuous-infra/browse/builds/fedoraci-runner?tab=history[openshift] could help.
If the problem was during https://jenkins-continuous-infra.apps.ci.centos.org/view/Fedora%20All%20Packages%20Pipeline/job/fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline/["fedora-rawhide-stage-pr-pipeline"] then is necessary to check its build log.