How to add simple STI test for a package
Test as a single command
There is a package *somepackage*, which contains a binary: */usr/bin/somebinary*
The most simple and obvious way to test this binary is to run it: *somebinary --help* and check the exit status of the result.
How to add this test for the package?
https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/ci/standard-test-roles/[Standard Test Roles] framework provides solution for the task. It is fully supported in Fedora Rawhide.
Create file `tests/tests.yml` in the dist-git of the package:
├── 0001-something.patch
├── somepackage.spec
├── sources
└── tests
└── tests.yml
*tests.yml* is an ansible playbook, where you describe test environment
and steps to run your tests.
There are many options and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CI/Examples[examples available], but let's focus on the task at hand: we want to run just one command.
For this case the content of the file should look as follows:
- hosts: localhost
- role: standard-test-basic // <1>
- classic
- simple:
dir: .
run: "somebinary --help" // <2>
this is a standard test role, it takes care of the test environment, logging, archiving results, etc
this is your test command, its exit code defines the outcome of the test
Submit your change as a pull request to see test results in Pagure interface, or push it directly to dist-git and get new test results every time you build package in Koji.
Test will be running in a *non-blocking* mode until you configure gating for it.