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How to create an invitation and QR code
This is done through the admin panel of the web interface (although we can probably write a script for it to be used on the back-end node).
Invitations / QR codes are typically created for Fedora events. For instance at the Flock 2013 Fedora Contributors conference, we created a badge to award attendees. We followed the procedure below to generate an invitation and a QR code. Next, the QR code was distributed to conference organizers. They added the QR code to the program brochure that each attendee was given. Then, any attendee that scanned the code was redirected on their phone to the badges app, where they were awarded the badge.
Create an invitation
Make sure you are an admin in the web interface and logged into https://badges.fedoraproject.org/[badges.fedoraproject.org]
Click the _Admin_ link in the UI
Under the _Invitations_ section, add this information:
*Creation Date*: Optional.
It defaults to the current date.
*Expiration Date*: Optional, but you probably want to specify one.
It defaults to 2 hours from the current time.
For instance, at the Flock 2013 conference, we set the expiration date at the end of the conference.
Anyone who tried to claim the badge with the QR code after that time would be denied, with the message _this invitation is expired_.
*Badge ID*: "ID" of the badge you want to award.
See the xref:manually-revoke-badge[section above] for how to find a badge ID.
*Person email*: Email of a person in the badges database.
In our case, use their Fedora email (e.g. `FAS_USERNAME@fedoraproject.org`).
Now, the user you specified will have a link to the QR code and invite link on their profile page. They can take initiative to distribute and share the badge as they wish.
Useful scripts for manual work
See `ansible/roles/badges/backend/files/` for the motherload. These all get deployed to `/usr/local/bin/` on `badges-backend01` where you can login to execute them.
Update the description and the criteria link for a badge. Useful in the event you created it incorrectly, or if feedback from other stakeholders requires us to change something.
Award a badge to a specific user.
Removes a badge from a user to whom it has been awarded erroneously. *Remember!* If you revoke a badge award from a user, you should also give them the `consolation-prize` badge as a token of apology.