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Now, the user you specified will have a link to the QR code and invite link on their profile page. They can take initiative to distribute and share the badge as they wish.
Useful scripts for manual work
See `ansible/roles/badges/backend/files/` for the motherload. These all get deployed to `/usr/local/bin/` on `badges-backend01` where you can login to execute them.
Update the description and the criteria link for a badge. Useful in the event you created it incorrectly, or if feedback from other stakeholders requires us to change something.
Award a badge to a specific user.
Removes a badge from a user to whom it has been awarded erroneously. *Remember!* If you revoke a badge award from a user, you should also give them the `consolation-prize` badge as a token of apology.
Grant authorization rights on a badge to a privileged user. They can then create invitation links and QR codes for that badge as well as award it directly to other users from the web interface.
Revoke those authorization rights for a user on a given badge.
Contact information
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