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Tasks, problems, and goals are filed as tickets in the issue trackers. The upstream repository is where we submit patches and improvements to the *badgr-server* project that Fedora Badges uses. Our forked repository is where we keep track of development tasks and goals specific to the Fedora Badges implementation.
The Fedora Badges community accepts requests for new badges in a public issue tracker on https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issues[pagure.io/fedora-badges]. The community opens an issue there when they have a new idea for a badge. To get started with badge design, follow these steps: La comunauté des badges de Fedora accepte les requêtes pour de nouveaux badges dans un système de suivi public ici https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issues[pagure.io/fedora-badges]. La communauté ouvre un ticket quand de nouvelles idées pour les badges sont formulées. Pour débuter avec la conception de nouveaux badges, suivez ces étapes :
The Fedora {COMMBLOG}[Community Blog] is an important place for sharing news in the Fedora community. An account gives permissions to view article drafts and previews before they are published. If you ever write an article, you need an account. To register, log in at the {COMMBLOG}/wp-login.php[login page] with your Fedora Account System (FAS) credentials.
The IRC channel is also bridged to a Telegram group, https://t.me/fedorabadges[@fedorabadges]. Join the group at https://t.me/fedorabadges[t.me/fedorabadges].
There are three ways to contribute to Fedora Badges:
This Outreachy project is different from many other Outreachy projects. The Fedora Badges project involves moving from a legacy framework to a new platform for the Fedora Badges web app. It might sound scary, but there is a team of people ready to help! So, part of the work for development includes *research tasks* before we begin writing a lot of new code.
*Upstream*: https://github.com/concentricsky/badgr-server[github.com/concentricsky/badgr-server]
What parts of the Badges project are interesting to you? Quelles sont les parties du projet Badges qui vous intéressent ?
Why are you interested in contributing to Badges? Pourquoi êtes vous intéréssé à contribuer aux badges ?
Why are you interested in contributing to Fedora? Pourquoi souhaitez vous contribuer à Fedora ?
You can also contribute code to the Fedora Badges project. There are two git repositories to contribute code: