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Manage Banned and Delete Account(s)
What to do
Verify that the user does not belong to any fedora team and is a real Spammer with any of the scripts that the fedora team provides -> https://pagure.io/fedora-join/Fedora-Join/blob/master/f/scripts
Open a Ticket in Fedora Infra TEAM -> https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/new_issue
Issue Ticket : Spamm Account in AskFedora
Text of the Ticket :
People use their FAS in ask.fedoraproject.org for Spamming, the System Detect the following Account/s for the same reason, so we proceeded to delete that one/s there:
Could you Please delete/Block the Respective Account/s in -> FAS (Fedora Account System)…
Add this information in askfedora.fp.o -> https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/banned-and-deleted-accounts/3009
Helpful Users
Some users, will go above and beyond what is expected. It is to your advantage to recognize these users and encourage them to keep doing what they do. Active helpful users may reach TL3, which allows them to help edit titles and change topic categories. Users can also be manually promoted to TL4, which grants them global edit privileges on any topic or post they can see.
https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/[Understanding User Truts Level]
Getting User Information
The System maintains information on all users who register and interact with the site.
Public profile
You can get an overview of a user from their public profile. To access a profile click the user's avatar or username in a topic, their avatar in the topic list, or search for them. Above their profile is a count of official warnings, suspensions, flags received, and helpful flags given by the user. Just below are details on the user's account: when they last visited, posted, and registered. You can review all public activity by the user, as well as review the notifications they received.
You can also view and modify the user’s preferences. This can be very helpful if a user is reporting an issue with their account that you suspect may be related to a preference change.
User admin page