given value [%d] should be less than allowed value [%d].
given value [%d] should be greater than allowed value [%d].
Could not depsolve transaction;
%i problem detected:
Problem %1$i: %2$s
Problem: %s
Error running transaction and no problems were reported!
repo_add_solv() has failed.
repo_add_repomdxml/rpmmd() has failed.
nothing provides %s needed by %s
cannot install both %s and %s
package %s conflicts with %s provided by %s
package %s obsoletes %s provided by %s
installed package %s obsoletes %s provided by %s
package %s implicitly obsoletes %s provided by %s
package %s requires %s, but none of the providers can be installed
package %s conflicts with %s provided by itself
both package %s and %s obsolete %s
nothing provides %s needed by module %s
cannot install both modules %s and %s