already at 100%% state [%s]
Attempt to insert transaction item into completed transaction
Attempt to update transaction item in completed transaction
Bad id for repo: %s, byte = %s %d
both module %s and %s obsolete %s
both package %s and %s obsolete %s
Cache-only enabled but no cache for '%s'
cancelled by user action
cannot create directory %1$s: %2$s
Cannot create directory "%s": %s
Cannot create persistdir "%s": %s
Cannot create repo destination directory "%s": %s
Cannot create repo temporary directory "%s": %s
can not create temporary file %s
cannot create temporary file: %s
Cannot enable multiple streams for module '%s'
Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: %s
cannot install both modules %s and %s
cannot install both %s and %s
cannot install the best candidate for the job