write_ext(%1$d) has failed: %2$d
null repo md file
can not read file %1$s: %2$s
repo_add_solv() has failed.
loading of MD_TYPE_PRIMARY has failed.
repo_add_repomdxml/rpmmd() has failed.
failed to auto-detect architecture
failed creating cachedir %s
failed calculating RPMDB checksum
failed loading RPMDB
No module defaults found
percentage not 100: %i
failed to set number steps: %i
cancelled by user action
done on a state %1$p that did not have a size set! [%2$s]
already at 100%% state [%s]
Sources not set when trying to ensure package %s
Failed to ensure %1$s as repo %2$s not found(%3$i repos loaded)
Failed to check untrusted:
Downloaded file for %s not found