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reviving: repo '%s' skipped, no usable hash.
reviving: failed for '%s', mismatched %s sum.
reviving: '%s' can be revived - metalink checksums match.
reviving: '%s' can be revived - repomd matches.
reviving: failed for '%s', mismatched repomd.
Cannot create repo destination directory "%s": %s
Cannot create directory "%s": %s
Cannot rename directory "%s" to "%s": %s
repo: using cache for: %s
Cache-only enabled but no cache for '%s'
repo: downloading from remote: %s
Failed to download metadata for repo '%s': %s
getCachedir(): Computation of SHA256 failed
Cannot create persistdir "%s": %s
resume cannot be used simultaneously with the byterangestart param
PackageTarget initialization failed: %s
Cannot open %s: %s
Log handler with id %ld doesn't exist
In progress চলমান
Not in progress