Updates completed at %s
Updates applied on '%s'.
Updates downloaded on '%s'.
Updates available on '%s'.
Failed to execute command '%s': returned %d
Waiting for internet connection...
Started dnf-automatic.
Sleep for {} second
Metadata timer caching disabled when running on a battery.
Metadata timer caching disabled.
%s: will never be expired and will not be refreshed.
%s: has expired and will be refreshed.
Last metadata expiration check: %s ago on %s.
Transaction check succeeded.
Transaction test error:
At least {0}MB more space needed on the {1} filesystem.
Error Summary
Delta RPMs reduced %.1f MB of updates to %.1f MB (%.1f%% saved)
Failed Delta RPMs increased %.1f MB of updates to %.1f MB (%.1f%% wasted)
Package %s available, but not installed.