use 'dnf {command} reboot' to begin the upgrade
Rebooting to perform upgrade.
Starting offline upgrade. This will take a while.
Starting offline distrosync. This will take a while.
Starting system upgrade. This will take a while.
Cleaning up downloaded data...
The system-upgrade transaction is empty, your system is already up-to-date.
Transaction saved to {}.
Error storing transaction: {}
Download finished.
Upgrade complete! Cleaning up and rebooting...
Prepare offline upgrade of the system
Prepare offline distrosync of the system
Disabling torproxy plugin: cannot connect to the Tor network
For more information run:
Call to Tracer API ended unexpectedly:
Please visit https://github.com/FrostyX/tracer/issues and submit the issue. Thank you
We apologize for any inconvenience