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Camorama is a simple webcam viewer, with the ability to apply some video effects.
_Take Picture 拍照
Toggle _Full Screen 切換本地端擷取
Show Controls
Full Screen
Threshold: 臨界值:
Channel Threshold:
Select a Directory 儲存目錄:
Server: FTP 伺服器:
Filename: 檔案名稱
Select a video device to be used 要使用的 v4l 裝置
The unix file system path to the device that's assigned to your camera. 該裝置的 unix 檔案系統路徑並未指派給您的攝影機。
Image height 擷取高度
Image height used by the camera. Zero means autoselect
Hostname for the server FTP 伺服器的主機名稱
Hostname for the server used for remote captures. 遠端擷取所用的 FTP 伺服器主機名稱
Protocol to use for remote access 遠端擷取的資料夾
The URI name of the protocol that will be used to connect to a remote server. Can be ftp, sftp or smb
Complete URI used to store image snapshots remotely