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All parent devices must be selected when choosing exclusive or ignored disks for a multipath or firmware RAID device.
FCoE not available FCoE pole saadaval
Unable to change iSCSI initiator name once set
Must provide an iSCSI initiator name
iSCSI not available iSCSI pole saadaval
No initiator name set
No iSCSI nodes discovered
No new iSCSI nodes discovered Ühtegi uut iSCSI sõlme ei avastatud
Could not log in to any of the discovered nodes
unable to allocate aligned partition
requested size exceeds maximum allowed
failed to add partition to disk: %s
disk %s inaccessible
partition is too small for %(format)s formatting (allowable size is %(min_size)s to %(max_size)s)
partition is too large for %(format)s formatting (allowable size is %(min_size)s to %(max_size)s)
Unable to allocate requested partition scheme.
not enough free space after creating extended partition
failed to allocate aligned partition
cannot reclaim more than request has grown
DiskChunk requests must be of type PartitionRequest