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NIS domain must be also set in system network configuration.
Now, you can set the domain name with command line so there is no need to reboot your system. Additionaly, it may be necessary to enable NIS in selinux.
Authselect enables `pam_pwquality` module to enforce password quality restrictions. This module is enabled only for local users. Remote users should use the password policy that is enforced by the respective remote server.
The `pam_pwquality` module can be configured in {sysconfdir}/security/pwquality.conf. See pam_pwquality(8) to see its configuration options and defaults.
Depending on your configuration, you need to start required services manually with systemd.
systemctl enable sssd.service ; systemctl start sssd.service
systemctl enable winbind.service ; systemctl start winbind.service
systemctl enable rpcbind.service ; systemctl start rpcbind.service
systemctl enable ypbind.service ; systemctl start ypbind.service
If mkhomedir feature is enabled
Authconfig shipped a tool called _cacertdir_rehash_. If you depend on this tool, please switch to native _openssl_ command: *openssl rehash <directory>* that serves the same purpose.