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No usable disks selected.
Failed to add a device.
Failed to change a device. ઉપકરણ %s ને રૂપરેખાંકિત કરો
New {name} {version} Installation
Invalid container name.
Name is already in use. RAID વોલ્યુમ નામ "%s" પહેલેથી વપરાશમાં છે.
The RAID level you have selected ({level}) requires more disks ({min}) than you currently have selected ({count}).
Please enter a mount point.
/boot/efi must be on a device of type {type} or {another}
{fs} must be on a device of type {type}
{} cannot be encrypted
This Software RAID array is missing %(missing)d of %(total)d member partitions. You can remove it or select a different device.
You have not defined a root partition (/), which is required for installation of %s to continue.
At least one of your swap devices does not have a UUID, which is common in swap space created using older versions of mkswap. These devices will be referred to by device path in /etc/fstab, which is not ideal since device paths can change under a variety of circumstances.
Your %s must be on a separate partition or LV. %s એ પ્રાથમિક પાર્ટીશન હોવુ જ જોઇએ.
Btrfs file system is not supported. "%s" ફાઇલ સિસ્ટમ પ્રકાર આધારભૂત નથી.
NIC "{}" given in fcoe command does not exist.
Namespace "{}" given in nvdimm command was not found.
Disk "{}" given in nvdimm command does not exist.
You must include at least one disk as an install target.