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Preparing transaction from installation source
Configuring %s
Verifying %s
Failed to set up installation source
Error downloading package metadata
%(productName)s %(productVersion)s installation
%(productName)s %(productVersion)s installation on host %(name)s
Attempting to connect to vnc client on host %s...
Will try to connect again in 15 seconds...
Giving up attempting to connect after %d try!
Attempting to start vncconfig
Please manually connect your vnc client to %s to begin the install.
Please manually connect your vnc client to IP-ADDRESS:%s to begin the install. Switch to the shell (Ctrl-B 2) and run 'ip addr' to find the IP-ADDRESS.
The VNC server is now running.

You chose to connect to a listening vncviewer.
This does not require a password to be set. If you
set a password, it will be used in case the connection
to the vncviewer is unsuccessful

WARNING!!! VNC server running with NO PASSWORD!
You can use the vncpassword=PASSWORD boot option
if you would like to secure the server.

You chose to execute vnc with a password.

Unknown Error. Aborting.

VNC password must be six to eight characters long.
Please enter a new one, or leave blank for no password.