English Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
You must use HTTPS 您必须使用 HTTPS
Invalid URL 无效 URL
There is no such task 没有这个任务
Invalid password 无效密码
There is no backtrace for the specified task 没有对特定任务的追踪
Retrace server is fully loaded at the moment Retrace 服务器当前负载已满
You must use POST method 必须使用POST方法
Specified archive format is not supported 不支持指定的归档格式
You need to set Content-Length header properly 你需要设置合适的 Content-Length 头
Specified archive is too large 指定的归档过大
X-CoreFileDirectory header has been disabled by server administrator X-CoreFileDirectory 头被管理员禁用
Unable to create working directory 不能创建工作目录
Unable to obtain disk free space 不能获得磁盘空余空间
There is not enough storage space on the server 服务器上的存储空间不够
Unable to create new task 不能创建新任务
The directory specified in 'X-CoreFileDirectory' does not exist 'X-CoreFileDirectory' 所指定的目录不存在
There are %d files in the '%s' directory. Only a single archive is supported at the moment 有 %d 个文件在 '%s' 个目录内。当前只支持一份存档
You header specifies '%s' type, but the file type does not match 头信息指定了 '%s' 类型,但文件类型与之不匹配
Unable to save archive 无法保存归档
Unable to obtain unpacked size 无法获取解包后大小