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{0} of debuginfo files are not installed
'{0}' processed successfully
About System Config ABRT
ABRT has detected a problem. For more information, run “abrt list{}”
abrt-retrace-client <operation> [options]
Operations: create/status/backtrace/log/batch/exploitable
ABRT signal (abort() was called?)
ABRT stores problem data in directories. Whenever ABRT needs writable directory, the directory is moved from the system location to your home directory. With this option disabled ABRT will move the problem directory without asking.
A bug was already filed about this problem:
Access past the end of mapped file, invalid address, unaligned access, etc.
Adding you to CC List of the existing bugzilla bug
Additional debuginfo directories
Add program names to log
Address of the retrace server
A kernel problem occurred because of broken BIOS. Unfortunately, such problems are not fixable by kernel maintainers.
A kernel problem occurred, but your hardware is unsupported, therefore kernel maintainers are unable to fix this problem.
A kernel problem occurred, but your kernel has been tainted (flags:%s). Explanation:
%sKernel maintainers are unable to diagnose tainted reports.
All debuginfo files are available
allow insecure connection to retrace server