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The configuration option above can be configured in
Ask before stealing directory
Automatically send uReport
Shortened reporting
Silent shortened reporting
The coredump file is necessary for generating stack trace which is time and space consuming operation. ABRT provides a service which generates the stack trace from the coredump but you have to upload the coredump to this service. With option 'Always' ABRT will always upload the coredump without asking. With option 'Never' the stack trace will be always generated locally. With option 'Ask' ABRT will always ask the user.
ABRT stores problem data in directories. Whenever ABRT needs writable directory, the directory is moved from the system location to your home directory. With this option disabled ABRT will move the problem directory without asking.
uReport is short and completely anonymous description of a problem. ABRT uses uReports for fast global duplicate detection. In default configuration uReport is sent at beginning of reporting process. With this option enabled uReports are sent automatically immediately after problem detection.
With this option enabled reporting process started by click on Report button in problem notification bubble will be interrupted after uReport is sent. You can always use the default problem browser to make complete report.
With this option enabled ABRT never shows notifications of reported problems. Takes effect only if Shortened reporting is enabled.
With this option enabled ABRT always create bug ticket with restricted access if possibly sensitive data are detected.
Request private ticket for sensitive information
Notify incomplete problems
Incomplete problems are detected while computer is shutting down or user is logging out. In order to provide valuable problem reports, ABRT will not allow you to submit these problems.
Upload coredump for backtrace generation